Video Testimonial #1: Catherine Holtz, Brand Manager

Video Testimonial #2: Kristin Vitanza, Sr. Brand Lead

  • "We are several months into our initial launch and co pay benefit campaign. We have been 'blown away' by MarketShare Movers ability to partner, with seamless campaign execution around prompt, very focused and actionable analysis/alerts. This has allowed us to pivot quickly, to optimize our results."
  • "We had an extremely successful voucher program with Marketshare Movers personnel."
  • "Most notable was their ability to link back to prescriber behavior, their capacity for integration across different levels, and their ability to make recommendations based on data in progress, which allowed us to make adjustments midstream to optimize our program. No less notable was their ability to hit deadlines over the years, regardless of the program, and to deliver high quality work."
  • "I've had a number of very positive experiences with MSM Personnel over the years."
  • "MSM is as reliable a business partner that I've found in the pharma world."