What Makes our Co-Pay Card Programs Different:

  • Superior Data Analytics!
  • Superior Digital Support!
  • Improved Market Penetration!
  • Reduce Cost Over Time!
  • More Experienced Personnel!

The MSM Difference

  • We consistently and significantly improve brand market penetration while reducing project costs
  • We are the experts who invented the process and made all the critical connections for tying the closed-loop redemption data, and other syndicated data, back into the ongoing successful execution of your co-pay card program
  • We act as weekly navigators for your ROI growth, but we also act as watchdogs to maximize your project impact with a predatory focus on all emerging market and market penetration opportunities.
  • In the most practical and simple way possible, we work behind-the-scenes to keep you aware of every possible profitable opportunity arising from your co pay card campaign.
  • Using our proprietary process, we have customers we've helped to achieve more than 1 million new-patients starts and to earn more than $600 million in incremental revenue in one year. (In fact, if you know of a successful co-pay card campaign in the pharmaceutical industry, you can bet that we were behind it with our proprietary technique)
  • We have also taken on many smaller brands that deserve better market penetration. Our proprietary process allows small brands to improve market share status fast and with maximum profitability
  • We help to eliminate program cannibalism by switching the focus from high-volume redemption HCPs to better more profitable targets
  • We are experts in helping determine integration of DTC, DTP, clinician call-on, clinician non-called, retail, MCOs, white space, email, text, and web components into a single integrated campaign. In so doing, we measure each marketing channel quickly and precisely to determine channel performance and overall integrated impact