• Superior patient access
  • Maximized brand value
  • Uses a proprietary methodology of data analytics to inform sales, marketing, and compliance
  • Full service execution that is adjustable to immediate program data and expert analytics
  • We can provide you with an affordability program that is guaranteed to yield unprecedented success

For the past 15 years, our experts pioneered the successful use of affordability programs to provide millions access and improved adherents for many. Since then, we have implemented hundreds of programs, working with brand teams to provide remarkable and consistent improvement with patient access.


At Marketshare Movers, our proprietary customizable process offers immediate improvements in high level patient access. We help our clients' brands reach their patient access and gross to net goals. At the same time we can:

  • Pinpoint the right offer
  • Optimize your patient access by channel distribution
  • Provide critical alerts to reps
  • Reimburse specialists, managed access
  • We monitor and leverage:
    • Payer coverage
    • Rejects
    • PA’s
    • Reversals
    • 1st time writers
  • We can focus on:
    • Brand coverage
    • Abandonment
    • Trial
    • Adherence
    • Gross to net goals

We Are More Than Simply A Benefits Service Company

We are an affordability company able to execute projects quickly in retail, specialty and buy/bill (medical benefit) settings. Because we have been pioneers in the business for 15 years, we can support all areas of execution: field management, pharmacy adjudication, web design and implementation and printing and mail services. This means, if we need to change course based on data analysis we can turn immediately and deliver on a new strategy.

We know when and where to do the math using the right data set at the right time. We are able to navigate your Co-Pay benefit services programs by bringing patient access opportunities to your attention. This means with Marketshare Movers you can partner to facilitate one great decision after another, creating an environment where your brand, your patients and providers all win!

Your success is our success. This mission has made Marketshare Movers one of the fastest growing companies in the Co-Pay Benefit/Affordability space.